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Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary to the Treasury of Reagan\'s Administration, has warned his countrymen that the American government is planning an attack on it\'s own people (a la Sept 11) in order to start war with Iran. (http://en.rian.ru/world/20070720/69340886.html)

If you continue to believe that you are living in a democracy, if you continue to believe the mainstream news media, if you continue to turn a blind eye when there is so much physical factual evidence of a great conspiracy taking over your country, then it is YOUR FAULT and your fault alone that America will turn into a police state. Say goodbye to your so-called \'freedoms\' which you have already mostly lost, say goodbye to your rights, say goodbye to your friends and family because, according to a new Executive Order released July 17th, any person who interferes with the government\'s Iraq agenda, can and will have any and all assets withheld by the government. (http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/07/20070717-3.html)

What that means, is dissent is no longer allowed in America. YOU HAVE ALL LOST YOUR FREEDOMS.

If you don\'t believe the credibility of the warning, let me tell you this as well: Operation Noble Eagle is deploying troops into the nation\'s capital to \"defend the homeland.\" (http://www.wesh.com/news/13949580/detail.html).


An \'anonymous\' trader has bet that the stock market will suffer a huge loss, something that could only be brought about by another September 11th, and that it will happen before September 21st of this year. (http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/august2007/270807_market_crash.htm) If you haven\'t cared enough to read up on 9/11 you wouldn\'t have read that hundreds of put options were placed on American Airlines and United Airlines, an unprecedented move that caused an anonymous trader billions of dollars in profits. A put option is essentially a bet that a certain stock will fall.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has so far refused to reveal who stands to profit from 9/11 and who will profit from this coming attack. If there is a threat to national security, why wouldn\'t it be revealed who is predicting this threat? Why? Because the SEC is a government agency.

It took me all of 10 minutes to find all the information above. All I had to do was a quick Google search. ALL I HAD TO DO, WAS CARE ABOUT THE WORLD.


This does NOT just affect Americans. This affects the entire world.


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Sunday, October 1st, 2006
9:58 pm
it's 9.34 on a sunday night and i find myself soooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooored.

let's recap: i've taken a week off work so i can do art. a great kick-off to the week, we went to see nuit blanche last night, an all night contemporary art thing as the ads, attempting wit, described. i saw some cool stuff, mostly a lot of crap and was up really late. we rolled into bed around 4 am. of course, i didn't plan on getting up at any early hour today, and was eating my delicious breakfast sometime between 1 and 3. after realising that after todd showered, i would have to, i also realised there would be absolutely no time for me to make it to any curry's before 5, the time they all - in our apparent non-religious society that still observes the "good sunday" of christ's rule - like any other store, close. that's alright, said i, i can stew on ideas and research and write the things i'm going to do.

i forgot that i did that yesterday.

todd was on his way to a department meeting and drinks afterwards (meeting starting at 4) and has yet to return. an unprecedented bout of laziness and procrastination has left me, 6 hours after showering and getting dressed, still on the couch, the living room in the same state of mess and only one additional paragraph on the children's story i started yesterday.

again, i am now sooooooooooooooooooooo booooooooooooooooooooooored.

i miss my boy. i wish he had some sort of phone or tracking device or bat signal so i could get in touch with him, whine about my boredom and join him to fill my now-6-hour-long craving for chicken wings and a pint and a nice sit-down in a pub. i expect him to walk in any minute, stumbling from his company-paid drunk. but i've been expecting him back all day.

in all fairness, i can't start painting until i have canvass and brushes, and painting is the main thing i'll be doing this week. that is just a really easy excuse to procrastinate, however, since i could have drawn out my characters for the book, or started sketching out the pages. or, hell, i could have cleaned a little more. i am currently in the middle of doing a load of laundry - my favourite chore as you can be productive while sitting on our ass and letting the machines do all the work. i also cleaned out half the recycling, but was too afraid of cleaning the rest out due to the constant finding of pee and poop and the realisation that there very well could be mice hiding in any one of the boxes i was picking up. the kittens snoozing in the corner, so valiantly protecting me, did nothing to calm this fear. so i snorgled the kittens a little, took some pictures of them and read a chapter or two of this lame book i randomly decided to read the other day. oh, right, and i'm updating this only to waste more time. and because i want to read something new when i go to my friends page, which i have a hundred times today.

though now, i suppose, this is done, as i'm out of whining and clearly have nothing of importance to write.

more in a few months, i suppose

the love and the hugs

current mood: definitely sitting.

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
5:59 pm - Letters to a Moron
hey everybody, i thought you might want to check out the letter i wrote to our dear "prime minister."

Well done, Mr. Harper!Collapse )

my hope in posting this, is that maybe all you people reading will be inspired to try and read about how every single one of us in our great countries run by incredibly stupid people are responsible for this world. so, what do i ask of you? fucking do something. and stop using excuses as to why you aren't. this goes for myself to, i'm trying to read up on the world issues and the hundreds that are dead by our stupid continent, and even just writing a letter is my first attempt at doing something. is it enough? nope. and it won't be until we all do something. so please, for the hundreds of dead children murdered by our countries, read up and stop saying it's not your fault. cuz it is if you don't try.

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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
8:38 pm - lebanon
i have spent some time today reading articles from information clearinghouse about the current war on lebanon. if you haven't heard of or been to that site, i highly recommend it. it was born out of one guy's frustration with they way american media doesn't show a lot of important news. for example, stories straight out of lebanon that aren't from israel's side.

so anyway, here's a great article on the current israel/lebanon crisis. please don't be put off by the title, but my american friends you need to especially read this.

the shame of being an americanCollapse )

please, if anything, go to that site and read some info on this war. or if not that site, than any other non-commercial media source. what the world needs most right now is for us, in our cushy north american lives, to read, to question and to know.

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Monday, July 3rd, 2006
1:47 pm - canada day!
heyo! we had a canada day! in the style of one dumbledore, who has the words but you sing to your own tune, here is my canada day recap in the form of song:

two days ago
it was canada day
and we got drunk

we started at future's
where we drank a pitcher
and got quite buzzed

then... to... COLLEGE STREET
oh, college street
we drank your beer
at freetimes and it rained all over the place

we were sheltered by your umbrella
we didn't get wet
but we got drunk
off your beer.

then we wanted empanadas but the place was cloooooooooosed

so we went to queen in the spitty rain-time
and we drank more beer
in pitcher form
at chicago's

there we met with gordon, leighann and that guy named tim
we drank
and drank
and drank and talked of drugs!


you got us drunk in the city! (woo)

thennnnnnnnnn we went back to our house
and got stoned on our potio
much oil we HAD.




current mood: weeeeeeeeeee!

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006
11:02 pm - another kitten update

just so's everyone knows, lovely allie has made our kitten blog into a syndicated feed! now you can read updates of the kitten times on your own friends page! how marvelous is this technology!



love, hugs and kitten cuddly kisses,

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Friday, June 23rd, 2006
11:19 pm - ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
the kitten blog is up and running! hooray!!!!

check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out check it out

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Monday, June 19th, 2006
10:17 pm - quickie
just a quick little update to reveal something odd that has just happened. so we have this friend at work, on the phones with todd, named chris carson. we had chris carson over twice and it was the second time when we both realised that he is from lindsay, and that he went to weldon.

i was blown away. i have never yet met someone from weldon in this city that i didn't already know. plus, he's quite good friends with kendra and jesse fisher. and his friend? who also went to my high school? yeah, he's the genius behind banana phone.

it's a small world after all....

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
8:47 pm - kitteny goodness on this rainy evening
to melt your heart and brighten your dayCollapse )

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
7:31 pm
i've been scratched, clawed, and climbed on.
i've been drooled on, bitten and almost humped.
i've been barked at, nuzzled, and licked.
i had to wash diarrhea off my coat, slober off my hands, and mud and drool off the rest of me.
yet this was the best day of work i've ever had.

and i had enough time to come home, clean a lot of our room, do the laundry, play with the twins, watch an episode or two of trailer park boys while having a little cat nap, and cuddle the little kitties.

goddamn i like being a dog walker.

in other news...


for those who have already seen it, that is just a link to todd's last post. ... but feel free to gaze upon the adorables. i understand. *grin*

currently, moxley (the black and white one who's a boy) is purring in his sleep, all cuddled on my lap while his sister squiggle (calico) is beside us sprawled on the couch. we're all sharing the same blanket of the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life or ever will.

oh, and there are definitely more pictures to come.. the connection just sucks now so i don't want to deal with that while trying to upload the many many picatures we already have. and this is only their 3rd day here.

current mood: i have such a good life.

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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
8:13 pm - this is important.

if you have not yet seen loose change, or any other documentary outlining the exact truth about 9/11 you have to.

i'm mostly talking to american friends. but everyone needs to see this movie.

it's just over an hour long. but it's free.

watch it. tell everyone you know to watch it.

it's important for people to know they've been lied to, especially when the lies lead to a war.

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Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
so here i am.

sitting on the floor in front of the compy, todd's sleepy toes hanging off the bed and wiggling beside me.

i'm waiting for 2 ish to roll around so that i can wake him up and we can go get our paycheques, get another money order made up and pay our first month's rent at our new place.

i'm a little concerned about a few things - we have no dishes, no furniture. i'm wondering what we'll do for the next few days in terms of food, as ryan is packing up almost all the dishes in the house.

mostly, though i'm happy we're moving into a new place, i'm happy i'm alive on this earth, i'm happy i have great friends (like choump who is so very kindly helping us move), and i'm happy i have this wonderful boy wiggling his feet around in his sleep.

i'm still fed up with my job - still wanting another. but i'm putting off the desperate searching for a week or two - i want to be settled before i go to interviews and whatnot. though i did apply for this online translating job thing. maybe that'll happen. *shrug* who knows.

i'm very confident right now in the thought that things that are supposed to happen, do. and that every single moment is one you can learn from.

i think i'm just happy to be moving onto the next stage in life. i always see moving as a new beggining, a fresh start. this is good, though it is also detremental sometimes because it makes me think "i'll start eating healthy when i move." or "i'll not worry about this or that until i move." it's okay though. cuz everything is always peachy.

and also it's getting warmer. the rain of the weekend was freezing and i did not appreciate my standing in it. even without the rain it was so cold, but today is supposed to be 15 which is fine by me.

i hope we can bring a shopping cart or two of boxes over to the new place today, tomorrow and friday. i need to check with lee - the girl who's still there. but she has her new place, so i hope it won't be a problem.

craig is still the greatest little guy and todd is getting more and more proud of himself as a turtle dad. which is the cutest thing in the world. with our next paycheques (not the one today) we'll be getting him a huge tank. that should be great for him. he can swim around and still be the cutest. which he is. after todd.

i also need to get my bike up and running. all i need is a new wheel - even after my $100 repair job last summer, the back wheel warped again, probably from when i was hit by that car. so i need a new one, which is only 30 bucks or so, so i shall do it this week. i hope.

i don't really have anything else to say. so i will say: be well and have a wonderful day.

all that love and squishy stuff,

current mood: great.

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Saturday, April 15th, 2006
9:53 pm - todd has been perfected as fighting uruk'hai
goddamn lord of the rings was done so well.

... the two towers is on tv. and i've been sitting on this couch for awhile.

not too surprising, considering i can barely move around properly cuz my neck is all stiff and sore from sleeping last nite... stupid sleeping.

anyway, it's been the most of a long time since i've updated. which makes sense, on account of i only do this so i have memories and nothing memorable has happened in a while.

good things are happening, though. like moving into a sweet apartment. and being more in love than ever before. and having a turtley guy who's healthy and adorable. and suddenly having a garbage smell waft towards me... no wait. why the hell does it suddenly smell like garbage?

hm. todd can't smell it. he brought me a sammich though. garbage or no, sammiches are delicious and in my stomach. well, a bite of a sammich is anyway.

but yes. apartment. it's so delightfful. it's on the second floor of a house on dupont, west of christie. it's cozy and small. exposed brick walls, hardwood floors. you walk in with the little hallway-made-kitchen in front of you. bathroom (with tub!) beside you, on the left. the bright little living room is against the far wall, with washer and dryer around the corner. to your right, steep stairs go up to our loft bedroom (with triangly-attic ceiling), the other steep ladder-stairs go to our sweet rooftop patio.

i am very happy with the way that all worked out. it's $1025 inclusive. which is just at the top of our budget.

and we're still moving to victoria, but in october/november. we're leaving just in time to escape another toronto winter. hooray! and we now get to spend the summer smoking joints and drinking beers on our patio. and then falling our asses down our stairs. because it will happen.

horses will kiss you awake, if you fall off a cliff into a river and end up on the bank.. and if your name is aragorn and you are an amazing guy.

speaking of amazing guys, there's this guy beside me who is so good. like, there's bad guys and good guys. and normal guys. and then there's angels and heaven and perfection, and then there's this todd christopher aalgaard guy who's at the top of them all. and who squeals cute noises when he reads over my shoulder. *grin*

i'm trying to leave my job. well... that's not entirely true. i'm tired of my job and i complain about it a lot, and i'm tired of bullshit and standing (really, my feet hurt). but i haven't really been doing anything to get out of said job. ha. i'm moving. whatever. that's my excuse.

really, i just want tasha to please, please, please give me a full-time data entry position at the pdot. that way, i can stay with this company and still have a good chance of getting some sort of officey-managerial position in victoria. or i can just give up on this thing and find a new job. whatever comes my way, really.

okay. back to the lord of the rings. and to asking my beautiful boy for another sweet massage... please?

hooray! the answer is yes!



exclamation points!!!

~jessica's face.

ps. happy easter everyone!Collapse )

current mood: sitting.

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Sunday, March 26th, 2006
11:10 pm - I am Todd and this is fucking awesome.
Jessica Rose just said, "...barely even noticeable!" And then she made this weird sighing sound.

Now she's lapsed into a Zen-like psychedelic coma, occasionally uttering the phrase, "Dugas isn't coming... Dugas made my hat wet... Dugas doesn't like the hens."


LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:jessimocha
Your haiku:okay because i
really wanted them cuz they're
fucking in it love
Created by Grahame

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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
2:15 pm - ...and we think craig is a girl, too.
soooo it's been fowevah. here i am, though. updating. maybe this will be the start of a new era, a change in the times. maybe i'll start updating more often, maybe even *gasp!* everyday.

not likely, though. i just really don't have enough to say.

but what do i have to say?


yesterday was st. paddy's, as you all probably noticed. i went up to steph's for pre-drinking fun. i was a little scared of drinking, so i stuck to the keiths. and the weed. so that was fun, then i came home cuz that's when todd was home from work. then i sobered up (*giggle*) and then we smoked some more. and ate breadsticks for dinner.

"but jessica, why were you scared of drinking?"

wednesday a bunch of people came down for martinis. now, earlier wednesday i had a tooth ripped out of my face and was put on a liquid diet. so all i had to eat that day was some tomato soup. then i smoked up in a park. and then i had five martinis in a short amount of time. and then i threw up... A LOT. in the toilet (all my soup), over the fence at the lab, and then again when we got home. and i couldn't be in our room because i was afraid of claustrophobia and hot boxing.

tonite we are going to springrolls for dinner and then to see a movie... but i can't remember which right now. why we fight.. or on the line... one of those. at the carlton. it's our much-belated-valentine's-day-dinner-but-it's-okay-cuz-we're-so-in-love. *giggle*

oh, yes. we're pretty sure little craig is a little girl. craigy, or craigley maybe. i also am now pretty sure that julie, the turtle at my mom's who i've had since i was four, who i named a girl name and then we thought must be a boy.. i think he's a she now, too. not totally sure, though, cuz i haven't seen ma little jewels since christmas time.

so, about little girly craig. i wanna get her a tank. but am not going to till we're in victoria.. if we indeed go. see, in addition to the job offer he's got for cbc victoria, todd has had an interview now with cbc toronto. and his second interview is next week. for a job of 4-6 months of reporting on the arts in toronto. it pays a fuckload, and more importantly, he'd be part of the union. so, if he gets it we're staying. and then going to victoria. woop!

a'ight, i think i'm done. i want to eat some breakfast... though i don't know what, yet.

theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend

love and hugs,
~jessica's face

current mood: morning time awakey face

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
CRAIG JUST ATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my GOODNESS am i happy!!! i just bought him some lettuce and carrots from the store and tossed them in, and then on a whim tossed in some sticks and he ate a whole quarter of one!!!!! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!

.... for those of you who don't know, craig is our new baby turtle. he's the cutest. he's aka buck-fitty (as of right now) cuz he's roughly the size of a looney and a half. and we've had him for a few weeks and he hasn't eaten a thing yet cuz he's been sick since before i got him. and stopped eating when he was with the chinese guy. but now he's ours and he's eating and looking around all curious and adorable and freaking out when he sees me!!! *squeal!* he's so damn cute!!!

in other news, todd and i are moving to victoria BC at the end of april. cuz todd got this sweet job doing radio segments for cbc. and cuz toronto sucks.

*gasp* HE'S EATING MORE! well... he's trying to. i think the sticks need to be smaller for him.

so yeah, we're moving. i'm gonna send out a mass email. or, i was going to. and i probly still will.

today i got pulled off supervising cuz my numbers were very low. without explaining what that means, i'll just say i'm supposed to be at $3.50 and i was at 35 cents. .... that's very very very low. so i'm off supervising and i get a week to pull them up. if i don't, i get a verbal warning to pull them up in a week. if i don't, i get a written warning for another week. and if i still suck, i'm gone. i just hope i can get them up so i can keep my job for the next two months. but already i've got a month guaranteed of that trying-to-get-my-numbers-up time, so it's all gonna be golden.

today is the best day. i was just super happy fun times all day and with william, who's one of my favourites and my bro. and then craig ate. and we're gonna have triple decker garlic grilled cheeses and french fries for dinner cuz i feel like making them. and gordon's coming over. everything is rainbows and happy.

i'm done with this now.

love, hugs and happy things,
~jessica's less-than-eljay-frequent face.

current mood: so very happy right now.

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Friday, February 10th, 2006
7:31 pm - leighann, this is for you.
i dunno if you look at nataliedee anymore, but if you don't, here.

pour vous.Collapse )

haha and clare, i got your message. you sillies. why didn't you call me earlier on that day?? i got it too late to call ya back.

the end.

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Monday, January 30th, 2006
3:41 pm - this was from the other day.. we had no internet. but NOW we do.
this post should start with me saying how i'm enjoying a tea in a coffee shop on bloor, watching the traffic go by. it should say how awesome wireless internet is, that i can just connect wherever in these shops, because they provide that service to their customers.

but i won't say that.

while i am in a starbucks on bloor, and there is indeed a tea beside me (which i am quite enjoying) and the traffic is indeed going by, i am not connected to the internet. because when i tried to connect to the rogers hotspot, it didn't work at all, and when i connected to the bell one, they said i had to pay for it. and i say balls to that, sir.

i should have gone to the second cup. but that's okay. i wanted to be closer to home anyway. which i now am.

in other news, i just got back from the library. once i get over my strange nervousness and self-consciousness of looking for books when i don't know how, i am quite in love with libraries. i'm in love with them anyway. i love just sitting in the middle of row upon row of book spine, looking at the shelves and pulling from them random books to glance through, to be overcome with the old smell of book. i love books and i need to get off my ass and start making them.

i got life of pi, cuz i started reading it once in a grocery store while awaiting film to develop. and i wanted other books but they weren't in yet. i also got two books about the history behind toronto and its neighbourhoods and i'm quite excited to flip through those, as well.

there's a guy over there, sitting against the far wall with a young girl and they're talking about the guy's portfolio. that's something i need to do. put together a portfolio of my best work, and start doing something with it.

maybe i'll just go home now and work on my scrapbooks. but even that feels to folky and crafty to be proper art. bah.

i need to start taking my camera with me everywhere i go. cuz even right now i see perfect composition of line and space and light and colour. the movement of bloor street, of cars and trucks driving by and people wandering aimlessly or rushing down the street to get home for dinner. a man on a bicycle, and then a girl. the lights of all the streetlamps and the headlights and taillights and payphones and stores and signs. in front of me a blading man plays with beads in his hand as he deeply drinks his coffee and reads the paper. in the window before me i see reflections of the shop behind, a slight bustle and business with foam and steam and coffee beans. the chit-chat of the baristas, the interview going on, the scratch of a pen on paper and the discussion going on behind me in chinese that i can't understand; all in time with the clacking of my keys.

well, i guess the sounds wouldn't show up on film. but having my camera (and not being shy or self-conscious of taking pictures in public) you'd get the impression of the noise and sounds of a starbucks on bloor. you'd just know it, your brain would fill it in.


i love this city. i really do. i was thinking of this just now while walking here from college street, walking up the little residential one-ways of robert street. i love looking into the big old houses, looking into living rooms and kitchens, looking at shelves of books and plants and rich, wooden coffee tables. i like seeing which houses have basement apartments, their stairs almost hidden in front of the porch.

i've also been thinking a lot lately of interior decorating. imagining our housey apartment of this coming summer. a sudden flurry of images came to me the other day while walking home, images of how exactly i want to decorate our room. and i told todd and he stood slack-jawed and told me he'd imagined the exact same room a few years ago. *grin* i love the criss-cross roads of destiny and decision, and i especially love the palace i've already landed myself in. it's great. this thing called life.

i like writing. even if i'm not making any sense. i like the actual physicality of typing on a keyboard and watching the words appear on the screen.

so, the books i wanted to get are as follows:
-a million little pieces - james frey
-the alchemist - some guy... paulo? something like that

uhhhhhhh there were more. in any case, the point of that is for me to remember, and also that i need to read more. i've been out of school for months now and though at first a sufficient excuse of settling down was good enough, it's just sub-par now. i have no reason why i haven't been creating. none at all. and so i must start. i still have christmas presents i haven't even started yet. bleh. i'm pathetic.

i need to start creating and looking at created things. reading, going to art galleries, even flipping through art mags. mostly i need to create, though.

i want to buy a silkscreening kit. a small one. and also a little printing press, cuz i saw them in curry's for $300. but that won't be for a very long time cuz i still don't know how to save, and won't allow myself to buy anything for myself until i've done so, even a little bit. i was supposed to do that with this last paycheque, and didn't. though in my defence it was a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be. but still.

i like making breakfast for todd. today it was the same as when i always do, but it's still espeically delicious (toast, scrammy eggs with cheese, and home-cut homefries). it makes me excited still about moving into our place this summer. i can't wait to have a kitchen that is mine to begin with. and i really can't wait to decorate. to have a hand at decorating every room. instead of moving into a space already done and only having our tiny little room to play with.

okay. i think that's extremely long for an eljay post. and so i will finish this tea and head back up the street to the little hovel of 933.

have a wonderful nite, everyone.

love and hugs,
~jessica's typing face.

current mood: morning'd!

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
8:00 pm - awesome.
super stoner
Dude!!!! your soooo wasted!
Your like Spacolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont high. However, it might be good to stop and clear your head.

how much of a stoner are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i'll update more later..... maybe...

current mood: stoned

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Friday, January 6th, 2006
here i am, waiting for a half hour to pass so i can leave for the girlparty.

here i am, after going out for groceries, getting too many cans and walking home doubled over with the shear weight of the ginormous pack on my back.

here i am, on my living room couch which, i've come to realise, is one of the comfiest i've ever known.

here i am, excited about going out with all the girls tonite.

here i am, after a wonderful pub nite, albeit with weird vibes and mood changes for some of us.

here i am, after a morning of waking up to the most wonderful boy giving me adoring kisses and cuddles until i was fully conscious.

here i am, pondering on dinner, but still full from the big breakfast i made for me and my boy (scrammy eggs with gooey cheese, hashbrowns and toast).

here i am, with mismatched socks and puffy pigtails.

here i am, after a very lovely vacation to BC on the train, a marvellous family christmas there and after a quite horrid one at my mom's.

--here i am after meeting my mom's 20 year old boyfriend, who is so 20, and here i am still recovering from my near-death of mold and suffocation while in that stupid house... todd almost called an ambulance cuz he was sure i was gonna die.. as was i.

here i am, wondering if i'm ever going to save money, what with my inability to do so and osap and the credit card being ridiculously over my head.

and here i am, loving life and being happy i'm in it.

love and hugs, my friends.
~jessica's updating face.

current mood: content

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