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here i am, waiting for a half hour to pass so i can leave for the girlparty.

here i am, after going out for groceries, getting too many cans and walking home doubled over with the shear weight of the ginormous pack on my back.

here i am, on my living room couch which, i've come to realise, is one of the comfiest i've ever known.

here i am, excited about going out with all the girls tonite.

here i am, after a wonderful pub nite, albeit with weird vibes and mood changes for some of us.

here i am, after a morning of waking up to the most wonderful boy giving me adoring kisses and cuddles until i was fully conscious.

here i am, pondering on dinner, but still full from the big breakfast i made for me and my boy (scrammy eggs with gooey cheese, hashbrowns and toast).

here i am, with mismatched socks and puffy pigtails.

here i am, after a very lovely vacation to BC on the train, a marvellous family christmas there and after a quite horrid one at my mom's.

--here i am after meeting my mom's 20 year old boyfriend, who is so 20, and here i am still recovering from my near-death of mold and suffocation while in that stupid house... todd almost called an ambulance cuz he was sure i was gonna die.. as was i.

here i am, wondering if i'm ever going to save money, what with my inability to do so and osap and the credit card being ridiculously over my head.

and here i am, loving life and being happy i'm in it.

love and hugs, my friends.
~jessica's updating face.
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