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todd has been perfected as fighting uruk'hai

goddamn lord of the rings was done so well.

... the two towers is on tv. and i've been sitting on this couch for awhile.

not too surprising, considering i can barely move around properly cuz my neck is all stiff and sore from sleeping last nite... stupid sleeping.

anyway, it's been the most of a long time since i've updated. which makes sense, on account of i only do this so i have memories and nothing memorable has happened in a while.

good things are happening, though. like moving into a sweet apartment. and being more in love than ever before. and having a turtley guy who's healthy and adorable. and suddenly having a garbage smell waft towards me... no wait. why the hell does it suddenly smell like garbage?

hm. todd can't smell it. he brought me a sammich though. garbage or no, sammiches are delicious and in my stomach. well, a bite of a sammich is anyway.

but yes. apartment. it's so delightfful. it's on the second floor of a house on dupont, west of christie. it's cozy and small. exposed brick walls, hardwood floors. you walk in with the little hallway-made-kitchen in front of you. bathroom (with tub!) beside you, on the left. the bright little living room is against the far wall, with washer and dryer around the corner. to your right, steep stairs go up to our loft bedroom (with triangly-attic ceiling), the other steep ladder-stairs go to our sweet rooftop patio.

i am very happy with the way that all worked out. it's $1025 inclusive. which is just at the top of our budget.

and we're still moving to victoria, but in october/november. we're leaving just in time to escape another toronto winter. hooray! and we now get to spend the summer smoking joints and drinking beers on our patio. and then falling our asses down our stairs. because it will happen.

horses will kiss you awake, if you fall off a cliff into a river and end up on the bank.. and if your name is aragorn and you are an amazing guy.

speaking of amazing guys, there's this guy beside me who is so good. like, there's bad guys and good guys. and normal guys. and then there's angels and heaven and perfection, and then there's this todd christopher aalgaard guy who's at the top of them all. and who squeals cute noises when he reads over my shoulder. *grin*

i'm trying to leave my job. well... that's not entirely true. i'm tired of my job and i complain about it a lot, and i'm tired of bullshit and standing (really, my feet hurt). but i haven't really been doing anything to get out of said job. ha. i'm moving. whatever. that's my excuse.

really, i just want tasha to please, please, please give me a full-time data entry position at the pdot. that way, i can stay with this company and still have a good chance of getting some sort of officey-managerial position in victoria. or i can just give up on this thing and find a new job. whatever comes my way, really.

okay. back to the lord of the rings. and to asking my beautiful boy for another sweet massage... please?

hooray! the answer is yes!



exclamation points!!!

~jessica's face.

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