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so here i am.

sitting on the floor in front of the compy, todd's sleepy toes hanging off the bed and wiggling beside me.

i'm waiting for 2 ish to roll around so that i can wake him up and we can go get our paycheques, get another money order made up and pay our first month's rent at our new place.

i'm a little concerned about a few things - we have no dishes, no furniture. i'm wondering what we'll do for the next few days in terms of food, as ryan is packing up almost all the dishes in the house.

mostly, though i'm happy we're moving into a new place, i'm happy i'm alive on this earth, i'm happy i have great friends (like choump who is so very kindly helping us move), and i'm happy i have this wonderful boy wiggling his feet around in his sleep.

i'm still fed up with my job - still wanting another. but i'm putting off the desperate searching for a week or two - i want to be settled before i go to interviews and whatnot. though i did apply for this online translating job thing. maybe that'll happen. *shrug* who knows.

i'm very confident right now in the thought that things that are supposed to happen, do. and that every single moment is one you can learn from.

i think i'm just happy to be moving onto the next stage in life. i always see moving as a new beggining, a fresh start. this is good, though it is also detremental sometimes because it makes me think "i'll start eating healthy when i move." or "i'll not worry about this or that until i move." it's okay though. cuz everything is always peachy.

and also it's getting warmer. the rain of the weekend was freezing and i did not appreciate my standing in it. even without the rain it was so cold, but today is supposed to be 15 which is fine by me.

i hope we can bring a shopping cart or two of boxes over to the new place today, tomorrow and friday. i need to check with lee - the girl who's still there. but she has her new place, so i hope it won't be a problem.

craig is still the greatest little guy and todd is getting more and more proud of himself as a turtle dad. which is the cutest thing in the world. with our next paycheques (not the one today) we'll be getting him a huge tank. that should be great for him. he can swim around and still be the cutest. which he is. after todd.

i also need to get my bike up and running. all i need is a new wheel - even after my $100 repair job last summer, the back wheel warped again, probably from when i was hit by that car. so i need a new one, which is only 30 bucks or so, so i shall do it this week. i hope.

i don't really have anything else to say. so i will say: be well and have a wonderful day.

all that love and squishy stuff,
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