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Letters to a Moron

hey everybody, i thought you might want to check out the letter i wrote to our dear "prime minister."

Mr. Harper,

I am writing to you because of your stance on the current crisis in
Lebanon. I am writing to you, as a proud Canadian, because your stance
on the war does not reflect that of your country or her citizens. I am
writing to you, Mr. Harper, because you have made me feel ashamed of
our great country, ashamed of how the world must see us now.

In a statement you made on the bombing of the UN post in Southern
Lebanon, you wondered why "it remained manned in what is now, more or
less, a war." Why was the UN in Lebanon, Mr. Harper? They were acting
as observers, and acting as peace-keepers in the region. They were
doing what all of us patriotic Canadians understand and defend. They
were doing what we should be doing right now, Mr. Harper. And make no
mistake, Stephen, this is a war. It may be unjust and it may be akin
to genocide, but it is indeed a war.

In the same statement, you defend the Israeli Prime Minister. You
state that the Israeli government has been co-operating to evacuate
our dear citizens from the country. While it is great we were so quick
to step in and save our own, so what? What of the citizens of Lebanon,
Mr. Harper? What of the dead children in the streets? What of the
hospitals and schools, the roads and bridges and airports that now
stand in rubble? What of the refugees, now without homes or anywhere
to go? What of the now-motherless children? Will you fly your plane in
to save them, Mr. Harper? Will your photographer catch that on film,

You say also, Mr. Harper, that you "doubt" the attack on the UN post
was deliberate. I would like to know what evidence you cite for your
doubt, Mr. Harper. The UN has made comments that all that day they had
seen rockets getting closer to their post. That 21 strikes hit within
300 metres of the base, and 12 artillery rounds fell within 100
metres. That there had been at least six (6) seperate warnings made to
the Israeli army by a senior Irish soldier that the attacks were too
close to the base and that "lives would be lost." And yet, they
continued to fire, and you continue to turn a blind eye.

I stated that this is a war. Six hundred dead Lebanese would testify
to that. This is not another "War" on "Terrorism", Mr. Harper. It is
the Israelis who are the terrorists. They are attacking the civilians,
the children of Lebanon. They are bombing any access in or out of the
country. They are warning families to leave their homes, and then
bombing the homes so they cannot come back and killing any stragglers
they see as well. Do your dim eyes see only our Western media? Are you
even trying to see the truth? Hezbollah may have killed 20 or so
Israeli civilians, but they are primarily targetting military
stations. And we all know that they are no defence against the great
Israeli Army, not when that army is fuelled by American bombs and

Do not forget who sent the first attacks, Stephen. It was not
Hezbollah. They kidnapped two soldiers - two men in the line of duty,
who crossed the border to raid their town. Not civilians. Not
innocents. And Israel gave the people of Lebanon no chance to escape
their retaliation before death befell them. Israel is defending
against no one. They are commiting genocide of Muslims under the mask
of war. If that is not true, why attack Northern Lebanon? Why attack
areas in which reside civilians alone? No Hezbollah, no "terrorists"
in the North, Mr. Harper.

You have stated, Mr. Harper, that Canada will not participate in this
crisis. That we will not respond to the cries of help. If this, our
great peaceful, loving country will not respond, who will? In school I
was always taught that Canada's army is for peace-keeping, that when
there is a conflict or war, that when innocent people are being hurt,
we step in. Why are we not doing that, Mr. Harper?

The manpower we currently have in Afghanistan would certainly be able
to help out in evacuation efforts and peace-keeping in this crisis,
Mr. Harper. Why are we still illegally fighting in that country when
Lebanon's cries deafen our ears? Why do you not listen to your
citizens? Why do you listen soley to the fascist tyrant yelling from
his white house? Why do you not pledge yourself to Canada?

The country you're supposed to serve does not support Israel, I do not
support Israel and I do not support you.

I am deeply ashamed of what you are doing.

An ever-proud Canadian,

Jessica Rose Powell

my hope in posting this, is that maybe all you people reading will be inspired to try and read about how every single one of us in our great countries run by incredibly stupid people are responsible for this world. so, what do i ask of you? fucking do something. and stop using excuses as to why you aren't. this goes for myself to, i'm trying to read up on the world issues and the hundreds that are dead by our stupid continent, and even just writing a letter is my first attempt at doing something. is it enough? nope. and it won't be until we all do something. so please, for the hundreds of dead children murdered by our countries, read up and stop saying it's not your fault. cuz it is if you don't try.
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