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...and we think craig is a girl, too.

soooo it's been fowevah. here i am, though. updating. maybe this will be the start of a new era, a change in the times. maybe i'll start updating more often, maybe even *gasp!* everyday.

not likely, though. i just really don't have enough to say.

but what do i have to say?


yesterday was st. paddy's, as you all probably noticed. i went up to steph's for pre-drinking fun. i was a little scared of drinking, so i stuck to the keiths. and the weed. so that was fun, then i came home cuz that's when todd was home from work. then i sobered up (*giggle*) and then we smoked some more. and ate breadsticks for dinner.

"but jessica, why were you scared of drinking?"

wednesday a bunch of people came down for martinis. now, earlier wednesday i had a tooth ripped out of my face and was put on a liquid diet. so all i had to eat that day was some tomato soup. then i smoked up in a park. and then i had five martinis in a short amount of time. and then i threw up... A LOT. in the toilet (all my soup), over the fence at the lab, and then again when we got home. and i couldn't be in our room because i was afraid of claustrophobia and hot boxing.

tonite we are going to springrolls for dinner and then to see a movie... but i can't remember which right now. why we fight.. or on the line... one of those. at the carlton. it's our much-belated-valentine's-day-dinner-but-it's-okay-cuz-we're-so-in-love. *giggle*

oh, yes. we're pretty sure little craig is a little girl. craigy, or craigley maybe. i also am now pretty sure that julie, the turtle at my mom's who i've had since i was four, who i named a girl name and then we thought must be a boy.. i think he's a she now, too. not totally sure, though, cuz i haven't seen ma little jewels since christmas time.

so, about little girly craig. i wanna get her a tank. but am not going to till we're in victoria.. if we indeed go. see, in addition to the job offer he's got for cbc victoria, todd has had an interview now with cbc toronto. and his second interview is next week. for a job of 4-6 months of reporting on the arts in toronto. it pays a fuckload, and more importantly, he'd be part of the union. so, if he gets it we're staying. and then going to victoria. woop!

a'ight, i think i'm done. i want to eat some breakfast... though i don't know what, yet.

theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend

love and hugs,
~jessica's face
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